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Наш завод - член группы China Aerospace Science and Industry (casic-дизайн и производить ракетоноситель), производит Daminozide/B9 (готовится из материала реактивного топлива)
Daminozide is a plant growth regulator, a chemical sprayed on fruit to regulate their growth, make their harvest easier, and enhance their color.
Structural formula:
Characters: Pure product is white crystal, microstrip odor. Solubility at 25°C: 5%methanol, acetone 2.5%, water10%, lower aliphatic hydrocarbons are not soluble.
Functions: It’s a kind of plant growth inhibitor. For dwarf, and can adjust the stem height and ornamental appearance, without affecting flowering. It can increase cold and drought tolerance of crops, to prevent the shattering and seed yield for effects like. It can be used for fruit trees, potato, sweet potato, tomato, strawberry, chrysanthemum, ginseng, etc.

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